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Next level

of note-taking

Rich text editor

Besides of many great features such as text highlighting, links, NoteConnect's editor allow your note to be more than just text. Whether it's an image, video or even a todo list, we got you cover.

Freedom is your

What make NoteConnect so different from others is freedom. NoteConnect allows you to arrange your notes in every way you want

Connect your data with ease

Connecting your notes is the core feature of NoteConnect, that's why it's called NoteConnect! Beside of that, NoteConnect also highlight the connection between notes when you move your mouse over.

NoteConnect in action

Want to see more of this app? Here's how NoteConnect looks in real life

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  • Note linking
  • Text editor
    (No non-text formats support)
  • Maximum notebooks: 3
  • Link breakpoints


  • Note linking
  • Text editor (Full feature)
  • Unlimited notebooks
  • Link breakpoints
  • Dashed link
  • Link label
  • Full settings
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